Morpheus v2

Morpheus v2 Release Notes

Check out the new goodies in Morpheus v2.

Morpheus on macOS X 10.13 High Sierra

Mac users who upgraded to macOS 10.13 High Sierra may experience problems opening Morpheus. A temporary workaround can be found here.

New Release: Morpheus 2.0 RC2

We are proud to announce the feature complete release candidate of the coming Morpheus 2.0. From September 28th on everyone is invited to test the binary packages while we keep updating the documentation for the final release.

Updated Windows Binaries

After we were made aware that the binary package for MS Windows were outdated, we have now built and uploaded the Windows packages. They now reflect the current master branch. Please find the new version on the download page.

Beta Version of Morpheus 2.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of a beta version of the new Morpheus 2.0! This release provides a wide range of new features to make modeling more flexible and the graphical interface more intuitive.

Open Source Release Coming Soon!

We are currently preparing a major new release of Morpheus, version 2.0! This release adds transparency, customizability and extensibility. The source code will be distributed under an open source license. Morpheus 2 includes a stable API to enable plugin development.