Step-by-Step Example

To show SBML support in Morpheus as of version 2.1 in practice, we give a step-by-step example of how to download, import and extend an SBML model. 1. Get an SBML Model from BioModels First, we browse the BioModels model repository and select a model.

Convert to 2D

Converting the model from the previous chapter into a 2D model is trivial in Morpheus. In the Space section, you only need to change the Size of the Lattice to e.

Relative Time Scales

At this point, you may be asking yourself: ‘All nice and well, but how can I control the relative time scales between the various models?’ And I’d respond:

ODEs in CPM Cells: Cell Cycle and Proliferation

Morpheus Model ID: M0033 Open in Morpheus History Persistent Identifier Use this permanent link to cite or share this Morpheus model: Copy ODE model of the Xenopus oocyte cell cycle coupled to 2D shaped CPM cells that perform divide based on component concentrations