Morpheus Tailored to Your M1 or Intel Mac with the Homebrew Package Manager

No matter if ARM-based with the new M1 chips or x86-based with an Intel CPU – Morpheus from version 2.2.6 supports Macs of both architectures. Under Linux and Windows, all remains as usual.

BSD-2-Clause License Homebrew Contributors

To address the increasing heterogeneity of Mac platforms, starting with the latest Morpheus 2.2.6 release, we have transitioned to the Homebrew package manager, which performs an installation of Morpheus tailored to the user’s system. This allows all users of both Intel and M1 based Macs to easily install and use Morpheus with all its features.

With the introduction of Homebrew, the usual installation routine changes slightly, but it remains as easy as before and even comes with some advantages, which we would like to present to you in the following.

Download & Installation

Rather than downloading the bundle from the Morpheus website, from now on you can simply create it locally on your Mac with a few commands. The installation is described for each release on the respective download page, however, it follows always the same procedure.

Installing Homebrew and the Morpheus Tap (Only Required Once)

Open and insert the line

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

and press Enter to install Homebrew.

Then add Morpheus' Homebrew tap:

brew tap morpheus-lab/morpheus

Installing Morpheus

Install the latest version of Morpheus with:

brew install morpheus

Add to your /Applications folder:

ln -sf  $(brew --prefix)/opt/morpheus/ /Applications

Updating Morpheus

Do a

brew upgrade

to keep all Homebrew packages up to date, including Morpheus.


Check out our growing Frequently Asked Questions for more interesting and useful details about Morpheus on macOS, including how to install different versions of Morpheus side-by-side and how to switch between them, how to get the latest (but potentially unstable!) beta, release candidate or even development version of Morpheus, or how to uninstall Morpheus.

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