• Guidance by Followers

    The migration of zebrafish polster cells is oriented by the migration of follower cells, allowing robust long-range coordination of different cell populations. Introduction Collective cell migration is an important process during biological development and tissue repair.

  • Robust Guidance by Followers

    Reference This model is used in the publication by Müller et al., currently under review. Model Get this model via: Morpheus-Link or  Download: M0008_robust-guidance-by-followers_model.xml XML Preview <?xml version='1.

  • NSC in Telencephalon

    Introduction Whether individual stem cell divisions are coordinated or random is important for tissue morphogenesis, homeostasis and tumour growth. Lupperger et al. have analyzed the spatio-temporal division patterns of adult neural stem cells (NSC) in the zebrafish telencephalon.

  • Lateral Line Primordium 1D

    Spatio-temporal model of self-organisation inside the zebrafish posterior lateral line primordium Introduction The zebrafish posterior lateral line primordium is the precursor of the neuromasts, which form sensory organs responding to fluid flow.

  • BMP Signaling

    Spatio-temporal model of BMP signaling Introduction Juxtaposed sources of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) and Nodal signaling molecules induce the formation of a full body axis in zebrafish embryos. Soh et al.