• Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Hepatocyte–sinusoid alignment (HSA) causes asymmetric shapes in early hepatocellular tumors. Introduction The mammalian liver is subdivided into lobes and further into thousands of hexagonal columns, called lobules, which act in parallel.

  • Liver Regeneration from CCl4

    Hepatocyte–sinusoid alignment (HSA) supports the coordination of hepatocytes during liver regeneration after damage by carbon tetrachloride. Introduction The regenerative capacity of the mammalian liver did already inspire the fate of Prometheus in Greek Myth but it still poses many questions today that call for spatio-temporal multicellular modeling.

  • Tissue Patterning

    Mutual Zonated Interactions of Wnt and Hh Signaling Are Orchestrating the Metabolism of the Adult Liver in Mice and Human Reference This model is described in the peer-reviewed publication:

  • Tissue Size Control

    Bile Pressure Drives YAP Signaling During Liver Regeneration Introduction During development and regeneration, tissues must grow to the proper size. But tissue growth is just the result of independent cell cycle control systems in the individual cells.