• Actin Waves (Well-mixed)

    ODEs for GTPase interacting with F-actin Introduction Here, we explore the time behavior of a well-mixed GTPase model with negative feedback from F-actin to the GTPase. Description We assume that GTPase ($G$) leads to actin assembly, and that F-actin, denoted by the variable ($F$), leads to GTPase inactivation:

  • FitzHugh–Nagumo

    ODEs for the FitzHugh–Nagumo well-mixed system Introduction The FitzHugh–Nagumo (FN) model is commonly used as a toy model for neuronal excitation. Description Everything is well-mixed and two ODEs are solved for two variables, $u$ (voltage) and $v$ (recovery variable).

  • Integrate and Fire

    Simple model for neuronal firing Introduction This is one of the simplest models used to depict neuronal firing. Description A simple model for neuronal firing consists of the basic ‘integrate-and-fire’ system ODE: