Browse Models

We distinguish models of three categories:

Built-in Examples

Didactic example models that are built-in with the GUI menu and may serve as templates for own models.

Contributed Examples

Unpublished work by named contributors. Anyone may contribute here.

Published Models

Original models from publications or models that reproduce a published result. Anyone may contribute here.

Since the Morpheus model repository was launched in 2021, it has been receiving a increasing number of new contributions. The continuous growth of the diverse model collection, sorted by submissions per model category, is shown below and updated daily:

Development of model contributions over time sorted by categories
Development of model contributions over time

Search Models

Use the full-text search field in the top-left of each category’s page to find models by a specific author or cellular process.

Screenshot showing the full-text search box for the Morpheus website in the model repo
Full-text search box for the Morpheus website in the model repository

Moreover, each model is tagged with common keywords like model formalism which are displayed below each model description. Clicking these tags displays a list of other models (and further content on the Morpheus website) with the same tag.

Screenshot showing the tag list at the end of a model page
Alphabetically ordered tag list at the bottom of each model page

Cite Models

Each model (including contributed and built-in examples) is registered with a unique and persistent ID of the format M..... The model description page, the model’s XML file and all further files connected with that model can be retrieved via a persistent URL of the format

Further details on referencing, tracking of changes to the model etc. can be found in the FAQ.

Submit Models

You can also contribute to the Morpheus model repository and upload MorpheusML-encoded model files yourself.

In our FAQ you will find all further information about this, including a detailed guide that takes you step by step through the submission process.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your model. We are happy to guide you through the entire process until the final publication of your model here in the repository.