Initial Conditions

‘How can I specify initial conditions?’

Initial conditions are set as value attributes of all symbol definitions. These may contain space dependent and stochastic expression.

Note that you can express the initial condition in terms of the lattice size using the symbols set in SpaceLatticeSize/symbol and SpaceSpaceSymbol .


Furthermore, Fields can be loaded from tiff images via TiffReader. The gray scale values are interpreted as 16-bit floats.

Cell Populations

Cell arrangements can be either generated by one of the generator plugins in CellPopulationsPopulation, explicitly defined as Cell, or loaded from tiff images via TiffReader, where gray scale levels identify as parts of the same cell.

Initial conditions for a specific Population can be superseded by Init(Vector)Property. This applies to generated cells as well as cell states stored within the model, but not to cell generated during simulation time.

Set initial condition for cell ```Properties``` using ```InitProperty``` in the ```Population``` definition.
Set initial condition for cell Properties using InitProperty in the Population definition.