Your First Model

‘What is the easiest way to create my own model?’

Built-in Examples

The easiest way to start to create your own models, is to browse the examples and use them as templates. The examples can be found under Examples in the Morpheus GUI. Many of them are also documentated on our website.

Start from Scratch

To start from scratch, use FileNew. This will generate a minimal valid model. Then, check out how to edit models.

Required and Optional Model Items

Each valid MorpheusModel specifies the following required items:

  • Description: Title and description of model
  • Space: Lattice size, structure, length scale and boundary conditions
  • Time: Simulation duration, checkpointing, time scale, and random seed.

And may be extended with the following optional items:

  • CellTypes: Definition of cell types, their properties and behaviors
  • CPM: Specific parameters for cellular Potts model
  • PDE: Specification of reaction-diffusion system
  • CellPopulations: Specification of cell population and spatial layout

And can be optionally analyzed using the following items:

  • Analysis: Data, analysis and visualization tools
  • ParamSweep: Batch processing tool (in GUI)