Review Process

‘When will my model finally go online on the website?’

The following review process is run within a few days:

  1. A curator from Morpheus.lab reviews your contribution and merges your model into the repository.
  2. Automatically, Morpheus is run on new models in the repository and tests their validity and checks for problems. For published models, the curator will compare the reproduced result to the published result. If problems occur, the curator will try to fix them or get in contact with you.
  3. The curator may adjust the title and description of your model to avoid confusion among similarly named models and to ease finding your model in the repository.
  4. The Morpheus website is refreshed to share your model on a dedicated page with an unique URL that you may reference.
    • The model’s page displays the title and description of your model (including authors and citation details for published models) and potentially your text.
    • In the future your user name at GitLab will also be shown as contributor as well as the results of the automatic Morpheus run, namely the model’s dependency graph, a snapshot of the final state and a movie (if a series of images was generated by an Analysis plugin in your model).
    • The model’s page will also show a link to GitLab that let anyone revisit the upload and curation history.
  5. You will receive an email via your GitLab account when your model is online.