‘How can I store simulation snapshots?’

Storing snapshots of the simulation state during execution is called checkpointing.

This allows the user to e.g.:

  • restore a simulation,
  • continue a simulation under different conditions,
  • use the end-state of a simulation as initial condition of a new simulation,

Enable Checkpointing

Checkpointing is switched off by default. To enable checkpointing, add the item TimeSaveInterval. To set the interval, set the TimeSaveIntervalvalue.

Special cases:

  • value $= -1$: disable checkpointing
  • value $= 0$: store state only at start and end
  • value $> 0$: store state at specified time interval

File Format

Snapshots are saved in a compressed XML format with the filename [Title][Time].xml.gz.

Open Saved Models

Snapshot files [Title][Time].xml.gz can be opened by double-clicking on them in the GUI. From the command line run morpheus [Title][Time].xml.gz.


The snapshots are storing the complete simulation state in XML format. This may result in rather big files. In the future, separate binary files will be written for PDE layers, which can be stored and written more efficiently.