Love Data Week

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As part of the worldwide Love Data Week from February 13 to 17, many exciting and educational events around data and data management will take place, including participation of TU Dresden and SLUB. The Contact Point Research Data organizes a research data management speed dating. ‘What is research data management?’ ‘How do I keep my data understandable?’ ‘Where can I store my data securely?’ ‘What is metadata?’ ‘What is the best way to archive research data?’ ‘How can I publish my data?’ ‘What does a good file name look like?’ Do you have these or other queries about research data management? Then simply stop by at the Q&A session, all questions are welcome. The counselors of the Service Center Research Data are available for three hours in an open session. Additionally, a developer of the MopheusML model repository, which is operated by the ZIH, will be available to answer your questions regarding the publication of multicellular models that adhere to the globally established standard MorpheusML.

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 13:00 +0100 — 16:00 +0100
SLUB Open Science Lab (OSL Forum)
Zellescher Weg 21–25, Dresden, 01217

The Morpheus Lab at the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH), as coordinator of a worldwide community, has developed the MorpheusML standard for computer-readable definition of mechanistic multicellular models.

Today, scientists around the world are using this standard in their own research projects. At ZIH, we operate the MorpheusML model repository to make the results of researchers using FAIR principles available to all. During the event at Love Data Week, we will be answering your questions related to our world-wide open repository for modeling and simulation in the life sciences and demonstrating how you can participate in the collection of knowledge describing our quantitative understanding of dynamic processes and interactions in biological systems.

Multicellular Simulation