36th Chaos Communication Congress

CC BY 2.0: Leah Oswald


The Chaos Communication Congress (C3) is an annual symposium and hacker gathering hosted by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). During four days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thousands of hackers, technology enthusiasts, artists, and utopians get together in Leipzig to meet and learn from each other. The 36th Chaos Communication Congress (36C3) is one of the largest hacker conferences in the world. Among the 17,000 participants are many software developers, often very committed to open source, who help create the latest software technologies, use them productively and continuously investigate them for security vulnerabilities.

Fri, 27 Dec 2019 — Mon, 30 Dec 2019
Leipziger Messe
Messe-Allee 1, Leipzig, 04356

Morpheus at 36C3

To keep Morpheus up to date in its development, from

  • implementing new features to
  • testing our modeling and simulation environment,
  • providing advanced documentation and teaching materials and
  • deployment to our users,

the 36C3 is an opportunity for us to exchange ideas with experts from around the world.

And of course we look forward to meeting current or future Morpheus users in person at 36C3. If you are also attending the conference, we would appreciate a short message through the usual channels or via email. We will be available at the 36C3 for the entire four days.

Multicellular Simulation