Morpheus v2.2.0-beta2

This is the first release based on Qt5 libraries adding tons of exciting features and bug fixes. See the changelog for details.

Latest build Aug 6th 2020


For the latest v2.2 release, see here.
Operating system Package Notes
Windows logo
MS Windows
  • Not available yet.
macOS logo
  • Via Homebrew:

    brew tap morpheus-lab/tap
    brew install morpheus@2.2.0b2
  • Please make sure that Homebrew and our Morpheus tap are already installed.
  • Start morpheus from the command line via morpheus-gui.
Linux logo
  • Install with debian package manager.
  • Or use alien to convert to non-debian packages.

Or build from source

git clone morpheus
cd morpheus
git checkout v2.2.0-beta2
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make && sudo make install

See the at the gitlab repository for dependencies and build instructions.

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